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We know Wordpress: company sites, online shops, extend Wordpress with custom plugins and themes, repair and optimize old sites

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Create Wordpress sites

Create new websites or migrate from different platforms

Woo Commerce implementations

Create and optimize online shops based on WooCommerce

Repair Wordpress sites

Repair hacked Wordpress sites, code optimisation, improve site functionalities

Wordpress Maintenance

Ensure that your Wordpress site is working great

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Make your business known. You need a website.

Making a company site is not easy. But with us, the technical side of thigs is easy:

  • We help you structure the information about your business and make it online ready.
  • We offer the best technical solutions to create your company website using Wordpress.
  • We create custom themes and plugins to make maintenance easy.

When creating a new website, the most important thing is to have the information ready, structured in a way that is easy to understand by your audience. Based on the content and structure, we can choose a layout and the best way to display the content in an appealing way for your customers and for SEO.

I have an older site but doesn't work very well

Websites are live organisms. They need to be optimized and continuously improved to keep up with the competition.

  • We can help you create a content optimization strategy.
  • We optimize your website following the latest SEO rules.
  • Ve check which plugins or site functionalities make your site load slow.

It's recommended to publish content at least 2 times a month. The site code and functionalities have to be revised and optimized at least twice a year in order to follow the latest Google requirements.

Once it's launched, a website can not work for unlimited time in the original format.

As time pass, new security risks appear, the Wordpress version is updated frequently and the pluggins can stop working

  • We update the plugins to their latest version and we make sure they are working.
  • We update Wordpress to the latest version and check the site functionalities are still working.
  • We backup and make security scans at scheduled times.

It's very possible that a well done site becomes unsable in 1-2 years. As visitors interact with the website, small ineficiencies can appear and add up.

An online shop has to be optimized to stop sale loss and increase the number of visitors

If for a company website small deficiencies can pass un-noticed, for an online shop each small problem translates in lost sales and customers.

  • Optimizing the purchase funnel and visitors path.
  • Improving product display.
  • Increase sales through SEO optimization.

Work for an online shop never stops. You always need to update a product, evaluate the buyers experience and improve the presence in search engines.



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