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Gutenberg block review: Color Palette

The Color Palette plugin adds a simple Gutenberg block to the WordPress dashboard. It has a limited usage, as it just draws the colored boxed and indicates the Hex, RGB and CMYK values of the box colors.

After installing the Color Palette plugin you can add a new Guttenberg block – click the + sign to add a new block and search for color Palette:

After clicking on color Paletter a new 3 columns block will appear in the content and from the right side you can choose the style of the color boxes:

In the next step you can click on each column and choose the color from the right panel:

You can add more color boxes or delete them by clicking on the 3 dots above each column:

The result it the display of the columns and and the Hex, RGB and CMYK values for the colors in the boxes:

That’s it. A limited plugin that is very easy to use.

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